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Hobart bricklayers will team up with you to construct reliable and beautifully made retaining walls that will complement your style. From residential to commercial construction, our brick retaining wall design and installation service is unmatched. We also repair damaged retaining walls and perfectly install beautiful ones that will meet your requirements.

We are leading bricklayers in Hobart that specializes in building all types of brick retaining walls. We offer personalized service in constructing retaining walls for domestic and commercial properties. Our team of experts are available to sit with you and discuss the best choice of retaining wall that suits your environment and taste. Our diligent team of skilled craftsmen will work to get your project completed on time and within your budget. We will effectively survey your site and determine the perfect design and measurements your retaining walls require. This is based on a variety of factors such as soil type, friction and weight. We use this information to make key decisions like:

  • The method of applying the retaining walls.
  •  The style of wall that is best for your construction site (straight, split face, rock face, sloping curves, etc.).
  •  The depth of the footing.
  •  Whether your property needs some form of reinforcement.
  •  Which material will be the best for your property (poured concrete, concrete blocks, sandstone, limestone, etc.)

Our team is well known for setting exceptional standards in planning, scheduling and cost controls. We also make sure you get premium quality products at an affordable cost. We make use of the following brick choices for your retaining wall project:

  •  Solid
  •  Pressed reds
  •  Clinker
  •  Glazed
  •  Cement
  •  Wire cuts
  •  Recycled bricks

Our Bricklayers in Hobart have industry knowledge and skills in constructing retaining walls with unique finishes that are extremely durable and can withstand the elements. We also ensure your retaining walls protect underground and above ground structures that add elegance to your property.

We pride ourselves in providing you with well-planned retaining walls for your residential or commercial property. When it comes to selecting the perfect brick, we have many options to choose from, each with their colour options and design aesthetics to give you the perfect match for your landscape. If you prefer a speciality finish, we can render or bag your brickwork for a textured aesthetic. 

Our construction process can be broken down into these steps:

  • Discussing client objectives.
  •  Preparing the site.
  •  Pre-planning the construction, estimating resource requirements.
  •  Creating comprehensive gravity charts, wall height evaluations, etc.
  •  Assisting in the process of obtaining permits from local authorities.
  •  Starting the retaining wall construction process.
  •  Reinforcing the walls with high-quality material.
  •  Building additional structures linked to the retaining wall.
  •  Finish the project.

Our work isn’t over after the project is complete. We are always available for reassessments, repairs, and other modifications until you are satisfied with the services rendered. Ready to build the perfect retaining wall for your home or offices? Give us a call, we are readily available to attend to your required bricklaying services.

Give us a call, we are readily available to attend to your required bricklaying services.