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Hobart Bricklayers produce superior exterior brickwork that complements your home, garden, office or other projects. As experts in brick and block fences, we ensure we use the highest quality brick and block to produce custom brick fences that makes a statement to the world and complements the style of your house.

Our bricklayers ensure we deliver the highest quality services and products at competitive prices. With several years of experience, we are confident in our abilities to produce top-notch results that will make your brick fences stand out and stand the test of time.

We offer a variety of quality brick fences to residents of Hobart and its surrounding suburbs. Our friendly, professional and highly qualified bricklayers will work with you to ensure that your style and preference is given topmost priority. We will notify you as your project progresses to ensure your guaranteed satisfaction. Whether it is an opened or closed fence, we will deliver an eye-catching finished product that meets all your requirements. If you already have a brick fence and you want to replace it, or perhaps you want to add to an existing retaining wall, Hobart Bricklayers will help you plan the destruction and carry out the restorative work.

We specialise in building front and perimeter fences, party walls and boundary walls that secure your property and define its borders. Our services include but are not limited to: 

Solid and double brick fencing:

We pride ourselves in producing solid and double brick fences with high quality and durable materials that will stand the test of time. Hobart bricklayers offer you not just quality and durability; we also ensure your solid and double brick fence is affordable.  

Concrete and cement block:

Our block fences can be reinforced with concrete to increase its weight rating. Hobart Bricklayers combines steel and concrete to give you a fabulous looking and incredibly solid fence. 

Brick and steel combination:

Hobart bricklayers build and install superior brick and steel fences that stand the test of time and can withstand the elements. We will work with you to construct fences in any colour and design of your choice. 

Brick and render combination:

Our brick and render fences are laid on concrete footings with steel bars to engineered details. We take into details your requirement to build a perfectly detailed brick and render fence. 

Brick and wrought iron fencing:

We build a brick and wrought fence that adds sophistication and style to your residential and commercial properties.

Brick and aluminium:

We combine brick and aluminium to build strong and protective fences for your commercial and domestic buildings. Our brick and aluminium designs are diverse and stylish with a practical sense of security.

Brick and timber fencing:

Hobart bricklayers construct brick and timber fencing in contemporary periods and designs. Our timbers are made from primed and treated pine that prevents decay, rot and insect attack. 

Whatever style you prefer, Bricklayer Hobart are the experts for your brick fencing needs. We will walk you through the bricklaying process from conception to construction.