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Hobart Bricklayers are skilled experts that can transform your damaged and decaying bricks to the feature they once were. We are your trusted partner for high-quality, affordable brick repair services in Hobart. You can always depend on us for enduring beauty and stability.

Our team assesses your building or structure to develop an appropriate solution for your brickwork. This assessment is based on the preservation, conservation and restoration of your brickwork.  We leverage on our high-quality trade skills to guarantee best practice principles in all our work.

Hobart Bricklayers are specialists in fireplace repair services for all brick fireplaces. We have many years of experience in fireplace renovation, building and construction for your home or business. Our management team ensures your repair service is as easy as possible. They pair you with a specialist in brick repairs and a host of other improvement projects for your residential and commercial properties.

Our repair work focuses on rectifying all types of fireplace problem, irrespective of how persistent the damages are. We ensure that you receive:

  • Replacement bricks of the same size and texture, but increased durability.
  • Materials from the best suppliers in Hobart who produce high-quality handmade bricks.
  • Perfect replacement of severely damaged bricks.
  • Replacement of soft and ineffective mortar with high-quality mortar. 

Our fireplace repair services include:

Fireplace restoration:

Hobart Bricklayers can restore the beauty of your fireplace by adding a new fireplace surround, a raised hearth or new fireplace insert. We can also fix your stone and brickwork along with your fireboxes and smoke chambers. 

Smoke chamber:

We are reliable experts for your smoke chamber parge and repairs. Our in-house team will inspect your smoke chamber to detect improper construction that can create issues with smoke flowing up the chimney as it should. We then recommend a cost-effective solution to your smoke chamber problems.

Fireplace inserts:

We rebuild existing inefficient fireplace into an efficient heating powerhouse by installing a fireplace insert. We have fireplace experts who know the installation requirements and building codes to ensure your inserts will work safely and efficiently. 

Custom surround, mantels & wall treatments:

Hobart Bricklayers improves the look of your fireplace with surrounding treatments or a number of mantles and surround packages that change the appearance of your hearth without breaking your budget.

The fireplace always adds a special feel to your home. It is a place to relax, socialize, stay warm. It always brings people together. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it’s important your fireplace is the correct size for the space it occupies and built with quality materials that maximise its thermal properties. 

We are qualified and affordable bricklayers in Hobart with a reliable, efficient and communicative team that is readily available to work on all your commercial and residential brick repair services. Contact us today to Request a Quote.